Prepaid roaming rates

The roaming rates will be applicable as of december 15th, 2013

United States

Voice & SMS roaming

OperatorMaking callsReceiving calls
Within visiting countryTo homeTo another countryFrom anywhere
T-MobileUSD $0.99USD $1.75USD $2.99USD $0.75
T-MobileUSD $0.99USD $1.75USD $2.99USD $0.75
AT&TUSD $0.99 USD $1.75 USD $2.99 USD $0.75
T-MobileUSD $0.99USD $1.75USD $2.99USD $0.75
T-MobileUSD $0.99USD $1.75USD $2.99USD $0.75
Receiving SMS: FREE

Data roaming

OperatorData per MB
T-MobileUSD $0.99
T-MobileUSD $0.99
AT&TUSD $0.99
T-MobileUSD $0.99
T-MobileUSD $0.99

All rates are in USD and including tax. The exchange rate for USD to ANG is 1.82.



  • All rates are in USD; tax is included.
  • Rates are per minute. Customers will be billed on a per minute basis.
  • "Calling back home" entails calls to the customer's home base plus calls to all Chippieland territories.
  • Receiving SMS is free, except on a cruise ship.
  • Data rate is per Mb and is billed pro rata per 10 Kb.
  • Calls to voicemail will be billed at the “Calling back home” rate.
  • Premium rates (0900 numbers, etc.) depend on the roaming partner; customers will be charged based on what the roaming partner charges, plus markup.
  • Satellite service will be charged USD 15 per minute. (Satellites service are typically used in remote locations without network coverage; deserts, Jungles, open Sea etc)

Receive free roaming SMS notifications

As soon as you reach your destination you will receive a free SMS from us with the roaming charges that apply to the country you are in. Regardless of receiving the free SMS messages you remain responsible for the use of voice and/or data services while roaming abroad and the associated charges.